Butterfly & Fountain World

Butterfly & Fountain World is a lovely venue just outside of Newport. The butterfly house is deceptively large, with uncountable numbers of butterflies flittering around in the warm air or taking a snooze on one of the vibrant green leaves that help to make up the ecosystem in the greenhouse. The butterfly house is made of different zones, which follow a meandering path through the trees and around ponds and waterways to the next hidden area. Following on from the butterfly house, you enter Fountain World – another maze of hidden zones with different jumping water features which will have the kids (and adults!) giggling with delight.

For more info, please visit www.butterflyworldiow.com



Butterfly & Fountain World
Butterfly & Fountain World is accessible for visitors using wheelchairs, but it should be noted that the pathways in the greenhouse are rather narrow and winding and may be tricky to navigate. There are a couple of areas which are more or less impossible to manually propel a wheelchair across (the decorative Chinese bridge, for example) but are accessible if a friend or carer is available to offer support. These areas, although very pretty, do not restrict access to other areas of the venue if a wheelchair user is unable to access.
A lovely afternoon out for the whole family
A wonderful experience for the whole family - fantastic on a rainy day!
A quiet, peaceful environment
Hundreds of beautiful butterflies, accustomed to humans and very friendly. Don't be surprised if they land on you!
Activities and learning opportunities for younger children to complete whilst in the greenhouse
Plenty of accessible parking
Wonderful cafe serving fresh foods to meet all dietary requirements
Accessible toilet - you won't need a RADAR key
A few small things to note:
The temperature in the greenhouse is high to recreate the butterflies' natural habitat. It is also fairly humid. Visitors with sensory sensitivity may find this uncomfortable - it is advised to wear layers of clothing to adapt to the environment easily
Butterflies regularly land on shoulders - be prepared!
There is no cafe inside the greenhouse, and due to the warmth it is advisable to take bottled water/drinks in with you.
Pathways around the greenhouse are narrow and winding. Some areas may be difficult to access without assistance.
The water shoots in Fountain World are sometimes unpredictable and may surprise you - be prepared!

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