Calbourne Water Mill & Rural Museum

The Calbourne Water Mill is a beautiful venue, ideal when you fancy a lazy afternoon in the sun by the river. Peacocks and hens/cockerels strut freely around the site and are friendly – probably because you can buy bird feed which they will happily eat out of your hand while you admire their incredible colours and feathers. The mill itself is fully working and for those who are more ambulant; you are able to get up close to the wheel and watch it turn. Inside the mill viewing platforms are available to watch the flour being ground, although for those who are unable to walk the viewing platforms are sadly non-accessible due to very narrow doorways and steep staircases. The mill is housed in a very old building and is unfortunately not able to be adapted for access as it is a listed building. Around the site, there are small museums for further enjoyment; one museum features kitchen and home ware from the 19th and early 20th centuries; another displays war memorabilia from the 1st and 2nd World wars. Unfortunately, like the mill house, these buildings are old, and not designed for modern-day accessibility. I was able to manoeuvre my self-propelled chair around them (with difficulty) but things were very tight – make sure you’re happy reversing or you may find yourself stuck! Also on site is a small arts & crafts studio for children, and a large café overlooking the grounds with outdoor seating in the summer months. Along the river a short way is a small swing set for children.

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Beautiful venue
Plenty of parking (note: the car park is gravelled)
Wonderful spacious cafe serving fresh meals, catering to all dietary requirements
Standard accessible toilets - you won't need a Radar key
Beautiful relaxed environment
Sadly, notwheelchair friendly for the most part
Main route into mill is down a flight of steep stairs
alternative route for wheelchair users os behind the mill down a VERY steep slope - you will likely need assistance to travel back up
Side attractions are not accessible for wheelchairs due to age of building
Flour mill is mostly non-accessible to wheelchairs due to age of building.

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