North - East

The North-East of the Island is home to Ryde, the Islands’ largest town and home to the glorious Ryde beach which extends all along the coast line to join the sandy beaches of the South.

Ryde is also home to Wightlinks’ Fishbourne car ferry terminal, whilst the FastCat high speed terminal is located at the end of Ryde pier.  The Hovercraft also departs from Ryde Beach.

The town is filled with quirky, quintessential shops, from classic bucket & spade shops to art galleries, designer cake cafes and book stores to more modern daily essentials.

Built into a very steep hill, Ryde is arguably the most challenging in terms of accessability so do make sure when you visit that you go with a friend to assist you back up the hill!

The North-East part of the Island in general is well worthy of a visit – Osborne House sits at the very top of the Island overlooking the Solent, whilst the Isle of Wight Steam Railway meanders lazily throughout the area.  Other attractions include Appley Tower, Bembridge Harbour and St Helens beach.

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