Firestone Copse

Firestone Copse is a hidden gem in the heart of Wootton Bridge.

Loved by hikers, dog walkers and families looking for a special afternoon in the sunshine, Firestone Copse offers it all.

The car park offers ample parking bordering the woods and leading directly to the paths into the forest.  The pathways within the forest are planned and maintained by the Forestry Commission and are good quality in the sense that they are defined and weed free.  Do note though – the pathways are crude concrete mixed with stone and aren’t smooth – but are suitable for electric wheelchair users (or manual wheelchair users with occasional support).

For those more ambulant, off-track explorations unearth some delightful unexpected surprises such as hidden brooks, fairy-tale seating, and the beautiful lake at the  bottom.  If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of nesting herons or newly born chicks!

Firestone Copse
A lovely walk in the sunshine, Firestone Copse is a wonderful way to engage with nature and be outside in the fresh air. With planned pathways throughout the trees Firestone Copse offers a variety of experiences to delight the senses.
Enjoy an afternoon in the sun!
Pathway loops leading you back to where you start (the car park)
Incredible trees soar high up into the sky
Parking on site
A variety of wild flora and fauna to delight nature lovers
Very quiet and tranquil
A few small things to note:
The ground surface is not flat - electronic wheelchairs will likely manage the terrain but manual wheelchair users may struggle
The camber on both sides on the pathways is relatively steep - there is only a narrow 'flat' path at the top
The car park is not flat - potholes are plentiful and there are many bumps to encounter!

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