GoodLeaf Tree Climbing

Tree climbing isn’t an activity that many people with disabilities consider when looking for something to do. However, Paul at Goodleaf Tree Climbing has proved that tree climbing is something that ANYBODY can do regardless of levels of mobility and warmly encourages you to come along and give it a go! Based in Ryde, just 200m from the seafront, Paul has chosen an amazing tree to base from, with hammocks slung from the branches and hidden rewards the higher you climb. Pauls’ passion and enthusiasm for climbing is infectious and he regularly has repeat climbers from disability groups across the Island.

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GoodLeaf Tree Climbing
An unusual yet exhilirating activity well worth trying, supported and encouraged by an experienced team. All equipment provided, (even the loan of eardefenders over helmets if necessary!) in a peaceful environment in beautiful surroundings.
Experienced, qualified staff
Supportive, encouraging experience
Fully insured
Suitable for all abilities, providing climber is able to sit upright unaided
An unforgettable experience!
A few small things to note:
The tree used by the team is approx. 400m from the car park across a large field. If using a wheelchair, please be aware that the ground is grassed and uneven in places. Alternative parking is available closer to the tree but you will involve a 50m approx walk up a relatively steep hill.

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