Travelling between Ryde and Southsea, HoverTravel offer the fastest way to cross the Solent in just under 10 minutes.  A passenger service only, each craft can hold up to 79 passengers plus 1 wheelchair.  Departing every half an hour at peak times, the hovercraft is the most flexible way to travel to and from the mainland.

HoverTravel employ their own charter of customer care in regards to accessibility and have woven this into their everyday operations.  HoverCare is designed to offer “any passengers requiring assistance with their travel whether they have reduced mobility requirements or just need a little extra help with their journey” and this is reflected at all stages of the journey from arrival to disembarkation.


The terminals at Ryde and Southsea both offer excellent accessibility with ramped access into and out of the buildings, accessible toilets and plentiful seating.

For more info and to book tickets please visit www.hovertravel.co.uk


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