Island Line (SWR)

Tel: 0345 6000 650

Island Line trains take you from the port hub of Ryde Pier Head down to the beautiful coastal town of Shanklin.  Train journeys are simple and efficient, with services departing every 30 minutes. They’ll also get you from Ryde to Shanklin in about the same amount of time. Unmissable for train fans, the Island Line is connected to the famous Isle of Wight Steam Railway (at Smallbrook Junction).

Yarmouth, Cowes and Ryde Pier Head are the three ports on the island that ferries from the mainland usually pull into. So for journeys to the east side of the Isle of Wight, Ryde Pier head is the most convenient choice.



Ryde St John’s Road

Ryde St John’s RoadLarge car park with accessible baysIndoor waiting areaNarrow platform – train gapNo accessible toiletNo ticket officeSteep steps link both sides of the platform and this is currently the only way for passengers to switch sides. Travellers heading south (from the pier) dependent on a wheelchair will not be able to leave the platform alighting at St .Johns …

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