Isle of Wight Zoo

The Isle of Wight Zoo is home to a medley of exotic animals including tigers, lions, monkeys and lemurs, not to mention the cheeky meerkats, birds and wallabies found as you meander through the park.The zoo specialises in its care of the tigers and lemurs, each having an incredible large outdoor enclosure that permits visitors views of these creatures from multiple viewing points. Being a relatively small site (in comparison to the huge safari parks around the mainland UK), you will find that you might be able to cover the entire site in an hour or so,unless of course you get transfixed by the cheeky monkeys or awed by the sheer size and power of the tigers! A well stocked souvenir shop is in place and also a cozy cafe to refresh you. Also on site is a small museum showcasing info and artefacts from WW1. Sadly, this is not accessible to visitors in wheelchairs or parents using pushchairs, as it is housed in an old bunker with stepped access only.

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Isle of Wight Zoo
The Isle of Wight Zoo is a small site which has made noticeable adaptations to the site to accommodate visitors with a disability. As it is an old site, it is not possible to make major changes to match a modern build but the zoo have certainly tried to improve accessibility where possible. There are no areas of the site which are non-accessible but do be aware that the flooring is cracked in places and rather bumpy so it is recommended to bring a friend or carer to assist you if you use a manual wheelchair.
A lovely afternoon out for the whole family
There are two accessible toilets - you won't need a RADAR key
Ample Parking; please note the car park is gravelled
Wonderful restaurant serves fresh food and catersfor all dietary requirements
A few small things to note:
Parking is NOT free, even for Blue Badge holders so do remember to buy a parking ticket
There are no additional aids for those with visual or hearing impairment
Flooring is unpredictable at times
Being a zoo, be aware for unexpected loud animal noises which may startle

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