Robin Hill Country Park

Robin Hill is a beautiful venue situated in the heart of the Isle of  Wight, offering a medley of entertainment to the whole family.  Classed as a country park, Robin Hill blends outdoor pursuits with rides and activities for a truly unforgettable  day out.

Famous for the fantastic shows and events on show throughout the year, Robin Hill also boasts a wide range of fun activities including:

4D Motion Cinema 

Recently upgraded, the cinema is currently showing this years’ latest release Moon Thunder – an exhilarating and immersive ride which fully captures your imagination!

Please note: Minimum height restriction 1.1m.  This ride is loud, with frequent and unexpected large movements.  The ride features flashing lights and is best experienced with the use of 3D glasses. Ride users must be able to transfer into the secured ride seats. Please read and observe warning and health information notices before boarding.


Wooden Maze

The maze is a mind-bender of walkways, twists and turns to discover who gets to  be  the first to  the centre – and ultimately who can be the first to find the way out?  Puzzle yourself crazy over this maze before heading over to falconry area to get a birds-eye view!

Please note: There are some accessibility restrictions to enter the maze; entrances may be narrow depending on wheelchair/scooter models.



Colussus is the park’s ultimate thrill – a replica swinging galleon which swings you higher and higher into the sky –  not for the fainthearted or those prone to jellylegs!  Seating 42 adventurers, this ride will comfortable thrill the entire family in one go and still have room for more!

Please note: Minimum height 1.1m Ride users must be able to transfer into the secured ride seats as there is no room for wheelchairs. Please read and observe warning and health information notices before boarding.


Toboggan Run

The toboggan run is a truly unique ride offering spectacular views at the top and a heart-racing, fun-filled descent around the track to base.  Suitable for visitors aged 3 upwards, this ride is an incredible experience for all and a perfect way to end your visit to the park.

Please note: Riders aged 3 – 7 must be accompanied by an adult. Riders must be able to transfer to the toboggan as wheelchairs cannot be accommodated. Please read and observe warning and health information notices before boarding.


Jungle Heights

Robin Hills’ latest addition, Jungle Heights is a dizzying play adventure built into the highest trees, providing hours of fun and fascination for the entire family.

Suspended 34 feet from the ground, skip, hop and bounce through ‘The Chase’ –  two dual net bridges – then climb your way through a six-storey net tower to reach the pinnacle in the tree tops!

Then, have a go at The Cube –  a suspended maze high up in the trees! Split into nine areas, climb tree-to-tree to suspended net tunnels, bouncy rope bridges, and the bounciest adventure of them all: The Big Bounce – a giant ten metre net trampoline in the treetops!

Designed for those aged 4 – adult, Jungle Heights is an adventure not to be missed!

BREAKING NEWS:  Robin Hill now offer an accessible Jungle Heights session aimed at those who prefer a more calm and relaxed play – please contact the park for dates and further information.

Please note: Minimum height 0.9m.  Children aged 4 – 6 must be accompanied by and adult at a ratio of 2:1.  Children aged 7 – 16 must be accompanied by an adult at a ratio of 5:1.  Please read and observe warning and health information notices before playing.

For further information, please visit Robin Hills’ website at

Robin Hill Country Park
Robin Hill is a beautiful, tranquil venue offering a variety of experiences to visitors. In terms of facilities, it is evident that Vectis Ventures (the owners) have implemented a full range of services and adaptations for visitors with disabilities and have clearly put a lot of effort into ensuring visitors are prepared beforehand and indeed assisted if necessary throughout their visit. The largest (and sadly unchangeable) challenge visitors face when visiting Robin Hill is that of the natural environment; Robin Hill is built into a very hilly area which may leave those with limited mobility unable to manoeuvre themselves around the park independently. Robin Hill does provide a solution to this around the most steep areas of the park - their 'Big Red' tractor shuttle is able to carry passengers in wheelchairs around the park at no extra cost. Visitors dependent on wheelchairs should note that to fully enjoy the park and visit all areas, it is strongly recommended that you visit the park with a strong friend/carer to assist you.
A tranquil and peaceful venue
Accessible park guides clearly showing areas which may cause difficulties to visitors with limited mobility
Multiple cafes/restaurants throughout the park catering to all dietary requirements
Multiple accessible toilets throughout the park - you do not need a RADAR key
Free accessible parking
Charging points for electric vehicles
Charging points for electric wheelchairs/scooters
VERY steep, hilly terrain
Some areas not accessible to wheelchair users
Distances between mini-attractions can be lengthy for those with limited mobility
Some mini-attractions are not accessible for wheelchair users due to geography or aged equipment design

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