Rosemary Vineyard

Rosemary Vineyard is wonderful find for the wine connoisseur, where tours are regularly offered to demonstrate the process of wine-making, from growing the grape to labeling the bottle. A small factory, you’ll be surprised at the amount of bottles produced here every year and marvel at the process involved in making the many varieties.  In the summer months, tour the seemingly endless vines before coming back to the shop to sample the mouthwatering products.  Don’t forget to purchase a bottle or two to share over dinner!


Rosemary Vineyard
Rosemary Vineyard is accessible for the most part - wheelchair users are able to manoeuvre throughout the factory with little difficulty and staff are always on hand to lend support if needed.
Accessible tours throughout the factory
Shop is accessible for wheelchair users
Wide range of products made and sold on site
Peaceful cafe attached to cafe for after-tour tea and cake
A few small things to note:
The car park is deeply gravelled; manual wheelchair users may struggle to reach reception without becoming stuck
The entrance door to the reception is narrow - a manual wheelchair is able to pass through but you may struggle. Staff are on hand to help, however.
Due to being a factory, there may be unexpected loud noises from moving machinery which may startle
Access to the cafe is across deep gravel; again, be aware wheelchair users may need assistance

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