Tackt-isle Adventures

Tackt-Isle Adventures is a wonderful company tucked away in St Helens, offering a full range of sporting leisure activities both on land and sea. Fully able to provide any activity to a person regardless of disability, the staff at Tackt-Isle are well equipped make your experience fun, unique and unforgettable!

For further info and to book, please visit the website: www.tackt-isle.co.uk


Tackt-isle Adventures
Tackt-Isle Adventures is an amazing company offering all visitors an unforgettable experience. Regardless of ability, the team at Tackt-Isle adventures are able to offer any activity and can provide equipment and support to suit the individual.
Enjoy a fabulous day out in the fresh air!
A wide range of activities both on land and sea
Fully insured
All equipment provided
Experienced, friendly team
Accessible toilet - you will not need a RADAR key
Accessible parking on site
Quiet, private areas for land and sea activities

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