Wightlink offer cross-Solent car ferry and foot-passenger ferry crossings between Portsmouth – Ryde and Lymington – Yarmouth.

Operating hourly crossings at peak times, you’re always able to book a crossing that meets your needs.  Do arrive at least 30 minutes before your departure times so staff can board you safely.

All Wightlink ferries and foot-passenger cataramans are fully wheelchair accessible with lifts from the car decks.  However, in order to board smoothly, Wightlink do ask that you contact them before arrival to advise you require the use of the lift – this is so that arrangements can be  made for you to park as closely to the lift as possible.

Discounts are given on the ticket cost to Blue Badge holders; do make the most of this as there’s plenty of other things you’ll find on the Island to  spend your savings on!

TERMINALS:  The Portsmouth, Ryde, Lymington and Yarmouth terminals are fully accessible with a coffee shop serving hot and cold food/drinks, accessible toilets, and comfortable seating areas to wait in if you are early for your sailing.

For the foot-passenger service, the terminal in Portsmouth is based at the end of the Portsmouth Harbour train station.  There is a short but relatively steep slope down to the  terminal; an assistance button has been placed at the top for those with balance or mobility issues who may need help to get down the slope.  Please do use it if necessary!

The terminal at Ryde is housed at the end of the pier.  Note the pier is 681m long which can be a bit of trek for those with a disability.  To drive up the pier there is a charge of £1 (if you are being collected, for example) or taxis are always collecting passengers from the terminal.  The Island Line train also ends at the terminal so you might ride the train directly from the catamaran terminal to your ultimate destination.

Both foot-passenger terminals offer coffee shops serving hot and cold foods and drinks with comfortable waiting areas.  Ryde also offers minimal accessible parking at the end of the pier.

For more information and crossing times please visit https://www.wightlink.co.uk

Wightlink have an excellent accessibility policy and this is employed at all times. Staff are friendly and courteous and always available to offer assistance if required. Please note that on occasion, lifts on the ferries may be out of service; please contact Wightlink to ensure your crossing has working lifts if required.
So simple!
Hourly crossings at peak times allow you to find a convenient crossing
Spacious ferries
Fully accessible crafts
Accessible toilets - you will not need a RADAR key
Lovely coffe shops selling a range of small-bite foods and hot/cold drinks
A few small things to note:
Occasionally, during bad weather or heavy fog, sailings might be delayed or cancelled. If travelling in poor weather, do call ahead to confirm your sailing is going ahead.
The lifts on some of the Wightlink ferries can be unpredictable. When booking, it is advised to check the ferry you want has working lifts.
Due to the design of car ferries, the stairs from the car decks to the passanger decks are very steep. If you have balance or mobility issues it is highly recommended that you use the lift.
Ferry tickets vary in price, especially during peak and/or festival times. Make sure to make the most of discounts offered, e.g. blue-badge discount
For safety reasons, passengers are not permitted to remain in their vehicles during the crossing. DO ensure you take any necessary equipment with you before leaving your car as you will be unable to return to your car until the end of the crossing.

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