Isle of Wight Steam Railway

The Isle of Wight Steam Railway is a must-see venue on the island for all ages. Running through beautiful countryside, the railway meanders between Smallbrook Station in Ryde and the Wootton Bridge station, calling at a number of stops in between. The main terminal is based in Havenstreet which is also home to the Carriage and Wagon Workshop, the Mechanical Engineering Workshop, the Island Railway History (a small museum), a large cafe/restuarant and a souvenir shop. The train carriages have been masterfully restored and are proudly displayed when not in use. One carriage holds roughly 8 visitors. The adapted carriage has been thoughtfully converted to carry 2 wheelchairs and has double doors to allow easy access. Venue staff assist chair users with a ramp to enter and exit the carriage and are the friendliest and most courteous people around. This venue is well worth a visit, and you can rest assured knowing that whatever your accessibility needs the team at the Steam Railway have done as much as possible to make the venue as safe, fun and welcoming to everybody as it can be. An idyllic venue for anybody looking to travel back in time…

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Isle of Wight Steam Railway
The Isle of Wight Steam Railway has managed to do the ideal - converting an old, historic site into something accessible for those with disabilities and in wheelchairs whilst maintaining the original feel of this historic, iconic landmark. The station retains its heritage and the adaptations blend seamlessly into the environment. The experience is unforgettable and highly recommended as a way of getting away from your worries and the strains of modern life - sit back and feel the breeze on your face whilst listening to the sound of the engine chugging along. The station has a long history of working with people with learning difficulties and autism as part of their therapy and the staff are passionate, enthusiastic and helpful to all visitors.
Enjoy a trip back in time...
Abundant parking
Three accessible toilets across the site - no need for a RADAR key
Large restaurant able to cater to all dietary requirements
A fantastic new-build Museum/workshop - built with funding from the National Lottery the Carriage & Wagon workshop this is 100% accessible
One carriage from the train has been converted to accommodate x2 wheelchairs alongside friends family via a ramp
A few small things to note:
The Mechanical Engineering Workshop is open to the public and you can view old carriages being restored. Please note, at times there may be a strong scent of paint/varnigh which may be overwhelming to those with sensory issues. The walkway is rather narrow so it may be best to time your visit for a quiet period to make the most of the workshop.
Access to the platform is up a small but STEEP ramp Staff are willing to help you up and down the ramp but you may wish to bring a friend or carer

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