Dinosaur Isle

This venue offers something for everybody – for the die-hard dinosaur enthusiast to the archaelogist to the parent looking for something slightly different to do with the kids on a rainy day. Dinosaur Isle has a little of everything; part educational, part entertainment, this venue fascinates and intrigues both the young and old. Housing real dinosaur skeletons, motorised dinosaurs, interactive displays and fossils found on the local beach, you really don’t want to miss out on this museum! Set over two floors, the upper floor (reached by a lift) is home to the education centreand has books, pictures, well – everything really for those who love to learn more. The ground floor houses the entrance/ticket desk, souvenir shop and the museum itself. The layout of the museum is spacious so there is plenty of room for wheelchairs. Interactive dispalys are set at an ideal height for accessibility so everybody can get as invloved in the fun as they wish. Dinosaur Isle also offers its visitors the use of loan wheelchairs, including a beach wheelchair for children so they can get involved in fossil hunting and activities which are offered at the beach just over the road.

Dinosaur Isle
An accessible venue for the most part with a few updates and adaptations to consider. Should not prevent a visitor in a wheelchair from accessing the entire venue. Staff are very helpful and considerate and will assist if needed.
A fantastic family day out
Accessible toilets on each floor of the venue - there is no need for a Radar key
3 accessible bays in the car park
Interactive displays set at suitable levels for wheelchair users
A childrens beach wheelchair available to borrow for inclusion with beach activities
Spacious layout
Clear, concise signage
Small issues to note:
The curb around the car park is HIGH. The only dropped curb is for the centre accessible space which may limit acess if in use.
The entrance to the museum is a wide corridor with displays, lit by predominantly blue lighting. Please bear in mind if the visitor has sensory or visual needs.
The large museum hall houses replica dinosaurs which ocassionaly make loud screeching or screaming noises. Please be prepared as this may startle you unexpectedly.
There is no cafe or restaurant on site although there is a small vending machine in the gift shop.
There are no additional aids for those with visual or hearing requirements.

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