Godshill Model Village

Godshill Model Village is the quintessential Isle of Wight visitor attraction. The venue oozes charm and character and transports you to a world of imagination and delight as you wander through the peaceful pathways around the models of towns found on the Island. Purely an outdoor attraction, this is a wonderful way to spend a warm sunny summer afternoon amongst tiny reproductions of life on the Island. Set on beautiful gardens, pathways meander lazily around leading from one miniature area to the next (with some lovely surprises along the way). Watch Steam trains (in miniature of course!) chug along their tracks, see beautiful waterfalls and parklands and stop to listen to beautiful choral music as parishioners attend their morning mass. A souvenir shop is on site. There is no café/restaurant, although being in the main square in Godshill there are plenty of pubs, restaurants and cafés in very easy reach. Serene, peaceful and beautiful, you really can’t come to the Isle of Wight and miss out on seeing this incredible sight.

Godshill Model Village
A lovely day out for all on a beautiful summer Isle of Wight day. Accessibility is good, although do expect narrow pathways around the displays; in some places these are on a small incline. There are multiple passing and resting points around the venue to stop and take in the scenery - this is something you'll want to do at each change of display to really absorb the charm. A must-see venue to create lifelong memories!
Charming & serene
A lovely, calm, relaxing day in the sunshine
All displays viewable from all angles; no blocks to viewing
Charming gift shop on site
A few small things to note:
There is no allocated parking for the Miniature Village. There is minimal accessible parking very nearby but if this is taken alternative parking is a short walk away
There is an accessible toilet - you will not need a RADAR key. Please note that the toilet block is placed halfway up a relatively steep hill at the beginning/end of the site.

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