Monkey Haven

If you love all kinds of primates, this is the place to visit! Purpose-built, this sanctuary for rescued gibbons, marmosets, macaques, and a myriad of other species (including owls and other birds) is now England’s’ small Top Visitor Attraction and well worthy of the title. Large enclosures house all the animals and have been designed to offer visitors maximum viewing possibilities whilst allowing the animals to feel secure and have quiet times. Keeper talks and demonstrations throughout the day keep you entertained through your whole visit and you’ll be begging to come back again and again! Being a modern, purpose-built facility, you’d expect that the venue is accessible to all, and we’re pleased to confirm this. Paving is flat and smooth, and pathways are wide enough to fit your whole family side by side. The centre has a lovely café serving fresh foods and caters for all dietary requirements.

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Monkey Haven
An excellent demonstration of how a fully accessible venue should be, Monkey Haven ticks all the boxes when it comes to accommodating disabled visitors. the site is largely flat with wide, paved walkways and visibility of all the animals is excellent from every angle.
Primate lovers delight!
Abundant parking, although do note the car park is gravelled
Accessible toilet on site - you do not need a RADAR key
Additional seating around the venue provides plenty of resting points while you watch the animals
Clear, concise signage
Hearing Induction Loop available
A lovely cafe serves fresh foods and caters for all dietary requirements
A few small things to note:
Do expect loud animal noises/screeches around the venue as these may startle

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