The Garlic Farm

The Garlic Farm in Newchurch is a delightful find for garlic lovers and a place you have to visit whilst on the Island. The farm grows over 15 different varieties of garlic and sells the bulbs along with a massive range of jams, chutneys, pickles etc – along with a highly acclaimed black garlic ice cream in the summer! The farm has an amazing restaurant (and in busy periods, a dog-friendly café) which offers freshly made, varied meals which are guaranteed to please even the fussiest eaters (and offer meals which suit all dietary requirements). Being a family business, this ethos is seen throughout the farm from foods to a lovely playground at the top of the hill; through to the viewing window at the back of the restaurant overlooking a purpose built playframe for the adorable friendly red squirrels who entertain for hours. A tour of the grounds is available, either on foot or via the purpose-built tractor/trailer which can transport those with mobility issues so you won’t miss the experience. The farm also has a wonderful ‘Taste Experience’ centre where samples of all the products are available for taste testing before purchase, and a beautiful shop to buy some everyday products and some rather unusual (but delicious) products only available from The Garlic Farm.

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The Garlic Farm
A Garlic Lovers' Paradise!
Abundant parking; please note parking areas are gravelled
Spacious and airy environment
Accessible tours of growing fields
Accessible toilet - You do not need a RADAR key

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